Radio Continues To Reach New York Market Consumers

In today’s world, it’s a given that consumers are surrounded by a wide variety of media choices from TV, internet, smartphone, tablet, computer, and of course, Radio. But despite a sometimes overwhelming array of options, Radio remains one of the most consistent and utilized media choices out there.

For example, Radio reaches an astounding 92% of all Persons 6+ in the New York metro each week. And each day, nearly two-thirds (62%) of New York metro residents are reached. What’s even more impressive is that Radio reaches every segment of the population – both genders, all ages, all ethnicities, and all geographies.

That means that, no matter who an advertiser is searching for – old, young, ethnic, non-ethnic, male, female – they can be found using Radio. Let’s take a look at how this break downs.

On a weekly basis, Radio reaches over nine out of ten of both male and female consumers. And, on a daily basis, Radio reaches more than six out of ten of both genders. So a company’s product, whether it’s geared toward males, females or non-gender-specific, can reach its target audience easily on Radio.

Is age a factor for an organization’s product or service? Again, Radio reaches age groups from 9 to 90. And despite the hype that only the internet or a smartphone will reach young consumers, Radio is still effective with this group, too –nine out of ten of all Persons 12-24 listen to Radio in an average week. And of course, the older demographic age cells are also readily reached by Radio – for example, Adults 35-64 top the charts at 95% per week.

If you’re trying to reach a specific ethnic population, again, Radio is an excellent choice. The chart below illustrates just how effective Radio is in reaching ethnic groups, reaching over nine out of ten of all ethnicities on a weekly basis. On a daily basis, around six out of ten of each ethnic group are exposed to Radio.

Need to reach customers based on a certain location? The story is the same for the city and the suburbs – around nine out of ten consumers are reached every week by Radio!

The bottom line is this: Radio is an amazingly versatile reach vehicle. No matter what portion of the population you’re trying to influence, Radio reaches them.

Source: Arbitron, New York, May/Jun/Jul13, Mon-Sun 6A-12Mid