Obamacare and How It Benefits Radio

The Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, became law on October 1, 2013.  It brings a number of different opportunities to radio’s door.

Below are just some opportunities that radio can capitalize on:

Education – Based on a survey conducted by Kaiser (April 2013), more than two out of five (42%) of all Americans are unaware the Affordable Care Act was the law, even though this law passed in 2010.  Radio has a strong presence in American lives on a daily/weekly basis.  Radio reaches more than 242 million Americans each week.  Because of this massive reach, radio will do an excellent job educating the public and getting the word out regarding the Affordable Care Act.

Recruitment – There are a number of states that are considered federally run, including New Jersey.  These states will be awarded monies from the government to local health departments, clinics, medical centers, etc., for the purpose of hiring new staff to educate and assist the public with the enrollment process.  No other medium can get the word out like Radio can that a company is hiring.  (New York and Connecticut are state run.)

Branding – Health insurance companies have to get their message out to the public regarding what will be offered (pricing, health coverage, different options, etc.).  There are going to be an overwhelming number of companies vying for people to select them.  How can people select them, if they are not aware of what they are offering?  Plus, there will be a number of new companies coming into the marketplace trying to establish themselves.  These new companies will need the expertise of a strong sales team to help them build strategic solutions for their companies.

Health Wellness Fairs – Who better to spread the word about a health fair than your favorite radio personality?  Radio personalities have the power to engage their listeners.  Radio personalities build strong relationships with their listeners.  Because of this strong relationship, they have the power to influence listeners’ decisions.  Listeners feel like radio personalities are one of their best friends.  Advertisers truly benefit from this because if radio personalities believe and support your products/services, so will their listeners.

The primary target of the Affordable Care Act is those without health insurance coverage.  12.7% of New York metro Adults 18+ do not have health insurance.  Radio reaches 88.5% of this group.  That’s over 1.6 million people!

In addition, radio does a great job reaching those who are the primary decision maker for insurance.  More than nine out of ten (92.2%) of these folks listen to radio on a weekly basis, representing over 5.6 million Adults 18+.

How does this reach compare to other media?  As shown below, radio reaches more Adults 18+ who are the primary decision makers for insurance compared to cable TV, broadcast TV, and the Internet.

One thing to remember, this will be long-term money for radio because the marketplace and enrollment process is something that will need to take place every year.  The Affordable Care Act is a door that has opened, and with every open door comes new opportunity.  It is our choice now what we do with this new opportunity.