The New York Market Radio: A Tale of Four Regions

"While the New York Radio metro is America’s largest, with over 17 million persons ages 6 or over, it is actually a collection of different geographic marketing areas, making New York Market Radio especially attractive to advertisers.  Each of these regions has its own unique characteristics for advertisers to consider.

We carved the New York Radio metro into four different regions to analyze both the qualitative characteristics of each area, as well as the differences in how consumers use Radio.  Here are the geographies with their Persons 6+ populations and some other markets comparable in size:

• Five Boroughs (7,754,600 people, larger than the San Francisco Radio metro)
• New Jersey Counties (5,105,500, exceeds the population of the Atlanta Radio metro)
• Long Island (2,662,600, larger than the Baltimore Radio metro)
• Northern Region – Westchester/Fairfield/Rockland/Putnam (1,584,300, comparable in size to the San Jose Radio metro)

While the five boroughs have the largest portion of the population, it is only 45% of the total metro population.  In other words, over half (55%) of the New York Radio market lives outside of the five boroughs.


If you are an advertiser targeting the entire New York metro, or one of these distinct geographies, ask your Radio representative to show you the latest qualitative data for the metro or for your trade area within the metro.  You may think that you know the differences between consumers that live in New Jersey, versus those in the five boroughs or Long Island or the Northern Region.  But when is the last time you checked the facts?  

Even if you are marketing your product or service across the entire metro, knowing the qualitative differences across the market will allow you to develop customized marketing tactics based on the qualitative differences across your trade area.

Here are just a few facts from the Scarborough report for New York (Metro Survey Area, Release 2 2009, September 2008-August 2009, Adults 18+).

Targeting married people with families?  Adults living on Long Island are 19% more likely than the market as a whole to be married with children, while Adults 18+ in the five boroughs are 18% more likely than the market to be single/never married.

How about education?  Those in the Northern Region are the most likely to be college graduates or more, indexing at 132 versus the metro as a whole.  Adults in New Jersey are the most likely to be employed full-time, with the highest index (108) versus the market.

New Jersey residents were 87% more likely than the market to have spent $500+ at Kohl’s in the past three months, indexing higher than any other region.  Those in the five boroughs had the highest index (138 versus the market) for spending $500+ in the past three months at Macy’s.

Which of the four geographies has the highest median age? It’s Long Island, with the five boroughs having the lowest median age among the four geos we analyzed.

The median home value is highest in the Northern counties, and that’s also the area with the highest median amount spent on home improvements in the past year.

Each of the New York regions has its own unique characteristics. Give your Radio rep a trade area and ask them for the latest qualitative breakout on that area.

Radio Listening

Radio listening differs too, based on the geography that you are looking at.  Some stations have a significant audience in all corners of the metro, while others tend to particularly shine in a specific geographic area.   

This is clear when one examines a top 10 Radio station ranker (Arbitron PPM, February 2010, AQH, 6+, Mon-Sun 6a-Mid) for each of the four New York geographies.   Of the 22 different stations that made at least one of the four rankers, only three appeared in the top 10 for all four geographies.

Top 10 station in all four geographies 3 stations
Top 10 station in three geographies 2 stations
Top 10 stations in two geographies 5 stations
Top 10 station in only one geography 12 stations

Aiming to promote a product or service to every corner of the New York metro?   Plenty of stations provide full market coverage.  But if you are targeting a limited geography within the metro, don’t overlook stations that may not rank highly metro-wide, but are strong in the portion of the metro that is important to you.

Your Radio representative can show you how consumers in specific geographies or trade areas listen to Radio.  You may be surprised by the results.

New York is a collection of “markets within a market.”  Armed with the most recent qualitative and quantitative data, you can boost the odds of effectively reaching your target consumer.

Geographic Designation by County:
Five Boroughs: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond
Long Island: Nassau, Suffolk
New Jersey: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Union
Northern Counties: Westchester, Fairfield, Rockland, Putnam"