Keeping up with the Times, Qualitatively Speaking

Qualitative research is invaluable when it comes to selecting the right radio station for a particular advertiser. For example, is it more important for a mattress store to reach Women 25-54, or Adults 18+ who are planning to buy a mattress in the next year? After all, a sale is a sale.

Scarborough has all the traditional categories of qualitative data that we’ve come to know and love … but did you know that they update their categories each year? This allows broadcasters and advertisers to take advantage of new trends, products, and opportunities in the marketplace. Today we’ll take a look at some of the new categories integrated into Scarborough’s research in 2013 – and how New York metro consumers perform in these categories.

Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days (91.8% of New York metro Adults 18+ to be exact). Over the years, Scarborough has introduced a multitude of measurements to track purchases and usage of cell phones. This year is no different, with the following categories added:

  • Brand of wireless/cell phone own
  • Operating system of wireless/cell phone own
  • Wireless/cell phone features use
  • Number of text messages sent yesterday

Let’s zero in on the first category to see what types of phones New York metro consumers own.

Samsung leads the way at 26.6%, followed closely by Apple at 22.8%. In the next year, 12.8% of New York metro Adults 18+ plan to switch their wireless/cellular carrier – that’s over 1.8 million opportunities for new customers!

Moving on to automotive research, Scarborough has been providing data on the primary reason a household used a particular dealer to buy their last new or used vehicle. We’ve now got another reason added to the list: previous business with the dealer. 13.8%, or nearly 2.0 million Adults 18+, considered previous business with a dealer as the primary reason they returned to buy their last new or used vehicle.

Combine that with data on the makes of car a household currently owns, and you’ve got a super-consumer even more likely to shop at a particular dealership.

Lifestyle data can be extremely beneficial when you’re trying to paint a picture of a station’s listeners or of an advertiser’s target consumers. Scarborough is now reporting the following changes that consumers are expecting to make in the next year.

This list is rife with opportunities to reach consumers going through very specific life cycle changes.

Speaking of the life cycle, college is a unique stage in a person’s life where their needs, wants, and interests may differ quite significantly compared to pre- and post-college. We now have data available to tell us exactly how many of a market’s or station’s listeners are currently attending a college or university.

With over a tenth of New York metro Adults 18+ attending a college or university, advertisers have a great opportunity to reach this special segment of the population.

These are just a few examples of the new research Scarborough has made available in 2013. Peruse the data for other additions – websites visited, apps used, beverages drank, TV channels watched, restaurants visited, and more!

Source: Scarborough, New York Metro Survey Area, Sep12-Aug13