Radio Generates 'Tremendous' Reaction For Tom's of Maine Nasal Decongestant

Tom's of Maine has relied on radio to build awareness for its natural toothpaste brand over the years, so when the company introduced a natural nasal decongestant it supported the launch with local radio.
In the fall, according to Mark Snyder, self care category development team leader, local radio in several northeastern markets, including New York, was combined with print in some highly targeted magazines. Radio, Snyder points out, "has been every effective at creating awareness, and we're able to do it on a regional basis, focusing on individual markets."
The product's target audience is based more on "values and lifestyles" than on demographics, says Snyder. "We try to connect with our consumer, and there are radio formats that allow us to reach these people." He describes the Tom's target as people, for example, "who respect the environment, have higher than average education levels and like to participate rather than spectate."
In addition to targeting consumers, the Tom's radio advertising involves retailers, via either 55-second commercials with a five-second tag or 45-second commercials with a 15-second retail message. Retailers participating in the latter format have agreed to provide additional merchandising support. The local radio was heard for seven weeks -- four weeks in October and three weeks in December. It aired on five New York and three Long Island stations. "We try to do 'impact' scheduling," Snyder explains, "going a little deeper on fewer stations in order to be heard more often."
Response to the campaign, he says, "has been tremendous. We also have a call-to-action, and replies to our phone number and website from consumers have more than tripled." The trade, he adds, "has been very supportive." Among retail partners in the New York market are Duane Reade, Genovese Drug, Shoprite and A&P.