Driving Enrollment & Connecting with Target Audiences Through Community Engagement.

In a crowded field of healthcare providers, MetroPlus’s main objective was to grow member enrollment year-over-year within two key, often hard-to-reach demographics: the multicultural community, and the “Invincibles” – the younger generations who believe they do not need health insurance at this stage in their lives. In partnership with iHeartMedia, MetroPlus worked on a targeted approach, reaching the Invincibles and the multicultural community in the most efficient manner possible: utilizing two stations well known for their young, multicultural reach, WWPR and WHTZ, to spearhead efforts to drive enrollment for MetroPlus.
With a robust multi-platform campaign across both stations, iHeartMedia and MetroPlus collectively drove the message home to listeners, educating individuals not only about affordable healthcare options through MetroPlus, but about the best ways to handle their own health and wellness.
Z100 and Power 105.1 ran a series of segments regarding general health and wellbeing, ranging in topics from educating individuals on the importance of mental health, to improving physical health. To amplify its on-air efforts and for further targeted reach, MetroPlus utilized iHeartMedia’s extensive digital capabilities, including iHeartRadio. Overall messaging directed audiences to MetroPlus’s website, offering listeners the opportunity to learn more about the healthcare options available to them.
Lastly, iHeartMedia and MetroPlus came together in the community, engaging with the public face-to-face, one-on-one. Quarterly events across target zip codes in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx allowed MetroPlus to educate its target audiences, inform said individuals of their options, and interact with potential members on a personal level. With MetroPlus’s staff on-hand and iHeartMedia’s street teams in tandem, the groups were able to reinforce the message of MetroPlus being an affordable healthcare provider for New York City residents.
As the year came to a close, it was clear that MetroPlus’s partnership with iHeartMedia had flourished; with record attendance at MetroPlus events and enrollment numbers on the rise, the multi-platform campaign proved successful for both parties involved.