Beasley Media NJ & Mattress Firm

When you hear that one of your biggest accounts is not only merging with a larger company from another part of the country, but also moving their campaign to another agency, let’s be honest, your sales bones shudder and the pity party begins. However, in the Case of Sleepy’s, a long time tri-state radio advertiser, their merger with Mattress Firm last year has been a comforting development to stations and their audiences, all across the Tri-State. Mattress Firm has brought with them a track record of using DJ Endorsements with partner stations in their legacy markets, which were mainly in the South and Southwest, to the roll out of the brand across the country and in the New York and Suburban Markets as well. Mattress firm is using live endorsements on four Beasley Media Group Stations for the campaign, WDHA’s Morning Jolt Host Jim Monaghan, WMGQ’s Morning Show Co Host Joel Katz, WRAT’s Morning Rat Race Team Carl Craft and Dave McDonald, and WJRZ’s Morning Host TJ Bryan. The legacy of this strategy began in Sacramento in the 1980’s when Mattress Firm partnered with a local DJ who had recently moved and needed a new bed. After he received the bed, he began to talk about how it had improved his sleep. Not long after that, customers were coming into the store asking for the mattress “Rush” was sleeping on. Yes, that would be Rush Limbaugh. At that point, a strategy was born and continues today on Mattress Firm Campaigns running on stations across the country. In fact, Mattress Firm was just awarded the $5,000 Radio Station Produced Commercial Award at the recent Radio Mercury Awards in New York. With Mattress Firm’s live DJ endorsements, there are no cookie cutter copy points.They encourage personalities to candidly share their individual Mattress Firm experience and what it’s meant to their quality of life, along with guidelines for current sales, brands and bedding accessories. It’s no secret that a top rated radio personalities’ connection with their audiences is a strong influence. A research study by the USC Annenberg School of Communications in 2014 determined the following: - 80% of listeners have called into a station, met a DJ in their communities, or interacted with them in some other manner. - 70% of listeners consider radio personalities to be regular people like themselves who are “relatable” and “authentic” and would truly miss them if they are gone. - 60% think radio hosts are like a “friend” whose opinions they trust and value. - 50% feel personality endorsements are more likely to incite them to take action, compared with nine other messaging/advertising options. That includes website ads, sponsored posts on Facebook, mobile display ads, sponsored texts or tweets, or emailed product/service pitches, among others. Mattress Firm is also rebranding the in-store experience by making it much more user friendly.Their sleep centers clearly indicate comfort levels, prices, and brands to let customers be in control of the selection and buying process. Mattress Firm is also demonstrating their commitment to the communities in which they live and work with Mattress Firm Foster Kids, a program of the Ticket to Dream Foundation. Throughout the year, they host six donation drives to collect essential items such as clothing, school supplies and shoes for local foster children. It’s a fact; many Americans don’t get enough sleep, especially in this area where long days can lead to short nights. A quality night’s sleep is the key to having more energy, relieving stress, staying healthy, productive and happy. A new mattress can make a huge difference in the quality of life you have. Thanks to Mattress Firm, their customers, their communities, and their Radio partners in the Tri State area are all sleeping better at night! Pete Forester National Sales Manager Beasley Media Group New Jersey