Why Radio During a Recession

"The current economic downturn has altered people’s lifestyles and spending habits. Things people did without giving it a second thought are now not being done at all. These changes have affected the relative influence of different advertising mediums. While Radio is a valuable advertising medium in good economic times, its value explodes during difficult economic times.
Radio Is Free and Popular
Radio is and always has been free to the end users. There is no subscription or user fee. The recession has greatly impacted newspaper circulation. As money gets tight people question the price they pay for their monthly cable subscription. However, Radio is free entertainment.
Just about everyone tunes to the Radio. In an average week 94.5% of New York metro Adults 18+ tuned to the Radio. On an average day 71.1% listened to the NY Market Radio.

In other words, Radio reaches nearly three-quarters of all New York Adults on an average day. Not only are they tuning in, but they are also listening. The average Adult spends thirteen hours a week with Radio. Radio’s reach and great TSL have both been consistent over the past year.
It doesn’t matter the level of a person’s affluence, free entertainment is ideal in an economy where money is tight.
Radio Is Right as Both a News and Entertainment Source
As the economy has turned, many in the population have become glued to news and business. New York Market Radio offers these folks several different choices to keep listeners up-to-date on world events. There are several stations that offer news and business 24 hours a day. There are also several stations where listeners can hear opinion-makers talk about news events.
Others wish to ignore these events and are need of entertainment. New York Market Radio has dozens of free entertainment choices. From a variety of music stations to sports and talk, New Yorkers can escape their concerns and feel good again.
Radio’s Targetability Makes it an Efficient Advertising Medium
In tough economic times, Radio’s ability to target specific audiences is more important than ever. Due to the great variety of stations, Radio is a great target marketing choice.
• If you want to reach a specific age segment – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific gender – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific ethnic group – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific geographic region – there are specific Radio stations for you
Simply put – NY Market Radio enables you to reach the portions of the population you want without paying for the segments that are not needed.