One of best reasons that Radio consistently delivers for its advertisers is its ability to reach consumers wherever they are.  Radio’s portability allows New Yorkers to listen at home and away, and often at the moment that they are making important purchasing decisions.
Radio’s advertisers benefit regardless of where their message is heard.
·         At Home Listening:  An advertising message reaches a captive audience when its listeners hear that message at home.   The Radio is turned on and stays on and is heard for long periods of time.   A great way to get results is to deliver your message first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.
·         At Work Listening: What better location to reach a consumer than in the workplace as they plan their lunchtime errands and their after-work shopping and dining?  The Radio is often on all day long at the office.  Talk about a way to build frequency!
·         In Car Listening: Reaching consumers just before the point of purchase as they listen in their cars remains one of Radio’s greatest strengths.  Radio can deliver the last advertising message heard before they enter the store. Selling cars? Selling tires?  What better time to reach your prospective customers than while they are actually driving?   Isn’t a car just a Radio with four wheels?
In New York, almost 58% of the Radio listening is done away from home.  But look how that number varies by age, ethnicity and gender.
Chart A—New York Listening Location AQH Composition By Demographic

Arbitron, New York Metro, January 2009
through December 2009 (12-month average)
·         The majority of teen Radio listening is done at home (55.2%).  That’s in sharp contrast to adult listening.  Among Adults 18-34, 25-54 and 35-64, at-home listening accounts for only about a third of their Radio usage.   As the audience ages, the at-home audience increases, with nearly half of Persons 50+ listening occurring at home.
·         Among ethnic groups, the Hispanic population spends most of its time listening to Radio away from home, with almost 62% of its listening occurring somewhere outside of where they live. Listening by African-Americans and Others is more balanced between listening locations.
·         There even is a significant difference between male and female listening by location.  Far more female listening occurs at home (45.8% ) compared to male at-home listening (only 38.5%).
Listening location in New York also varies based on the time of day.
Chart  B—New York Listening Location AQH Composition By Daypart

Arbitron, New York Metro, January 2009
through December 2009 (12-month average)

·         At-home listening peaks in the mornings, as consumers begin their day by turning on their Radios. 
·         In middays and afternoon drive, listening shifts to out of home (in the office and in the car).
·         As consumers return home in the evening, at-home listening increases.
·         Listening location on the weekends is split almost evenly between home and away.
You may have noticed that in a PPM world, Arbitron no longer tells us specifically where a radio station’s away-from-home listening is occurring.  We’re only given a total away-from-home estimate.  Just because you can no longer quantify that listening is in car and in office certainly does not mean that it no longer exists. 
Ask your Radio representative to give you a listening location breakout for their station.  Consider tailoring your message to appeal specifically to the in-car listener in the afternoon, or the at-home listener in the morning.  The more you know about where your prospective customers are when they hear your commercial, the more effective your campaign will be.