Radio Captures Local Hispanic Flavor for Clamato

"The U.S. Hispanic population, according to research from Mott’s North America, is growing five times faster than the general market. But all Hispanics aren’t alike. Buying habits and taste preferences may differ among Hispanics from Mexican, Dominican or Puerto Rican origins. That’s why local radio is a key ingredient in Mott’s new Spanish-language campaign for Clamato tomato cocktail juice. "Radio," says Omar Garcia, brand manager, "allows us to specifically target different segments within the Hispanic market and to attain frequency."
Radio in 14 markets, including New York, will supplement Hispanic network television because of this targeting ability. "Different Hispanics use Clamato in different ways," says Garcia. Some Hispanic consumers, he explains, drink Clamato with un toque de limon ("a touch of lemon"), while others prefer salsa picante ("hot sauce").
"The Hispanic market is different throughout the U.S.," he points out. "Radio spots in New York and Miami, for example, are more neutral, while those west of the Mississippi tend to be more targeted toward Mexican Hispanics." The radio campaign, which is airing on three New York area stations, began in April, will intensify during the warmer summer months and will run through September. The radio, as well as TV and outdoor advertising, was created by Dallas-based ad agency, Dieste & Partners.
All of the Clamato advertising employs a new tagline, "clamato le pone sabor al momento" ("Clamato adds flavor to the moment."). Mike Judlow, Mott’s vice president of marketing, reiterating that, "our research shows Latino consumers use Clamato in a variety of ways," adds that,"we want to position our product as a delicious-tasting drink that enhances the time you share with family and friends."
The core target for the campaign, according to Warren Harmel, managing partner of Dieste & Partners, consists of "Spanish-language Clamato users who are married with children.""