NY Radio Only Ad Medium for NuVim

"NuVim, a new ready-to-drink beverage designed to enhance the human immune system and help maintain healthy joints and muscles will be launched June 5 in the New York Market via a radio-only advertising campaign targeting adults, 35+.
The drink, a result of 35 years of clinical research and development by Cincinnati-based Stolle Milk Biologies Inc., contains the micro-nutrients, LactoMune and LactoActin, and will be available in the dairy departments of major area supermarkets in four flavors -- fruit symphony, orange tangerine, pink grapefruit & berry and strawberry vanilla
Because of the somewhat complex history of NuVim’s development, Richard P. Kundrat, chairman and CEO, says, "We needed radio’s 60 seconds. Radio gives us the ability to tell the story." Pointing out that there is "no TV and no print," Kundrat emphasizes that, "radio is more conversational. This is a conversation, not a hard sell." And research, Kundrat adds, showed that "people are going to drink the product in the morning and after they come home from work, so morning and afternoon drive is perfect."
Chief conversationalist is Dick Clark, who will be the spokesman for the campaign. "Dick," says Kundrat, "has a great radio voice, and he personifies what this product is about. He’s 70 and looks 55." Using the slogan, "Be Healthy & Energetic", the advertising will accentuate the benefits of the drink, while also stressing that it is "great-tasting".
The campaign, created by The Wolf Group New York, will air continuously through the end of the year -- from 75-120 commercials a week on about eight New York area stations reaching adults, 35+, with a female skew. The media buying is being handled by R.J. Palmer , Inc. Unlike many food and beverage products that are tested in smaller markets, NuVim is getting its debut in New York. "We spent $700,000 in research," Kundrat explains, "and we wanted to come into a market that’s tough and highly visible. If it can work here, it can work anywhere." The brand will probably go national in the first quarter of next year.
New York market radio stations, he explains, are acting as marketing partners with NuVim by creating special events such as an American Bandstand revival, including the product in existing events such as station sponsorship at the AP/Waldbaum’s Tennis Tournament or giving the beverage high visibility at a station-sponsored health expo."