A Breath of Fresh Airtime for Mint Asure

"Eight years ago, Breath Asure built brand awareness by using radio as its primary advertising medium. Now, as the company introduces a new product, Mint Asure, it is using radio as the only medium in order to build awareness before the brand hits the stores in the fall. Radio, according to Anthony Raissen, founder and executive vice president, is the exclusive medium for Mint Asure because it provides immediacy, targetability and creative flexibility.
The initial New York campaign -- 30-40 spots a week on three stations -- broke on May 30 and will run through September. Once the product is available in stores, the number of stations will increase. Radio, says Raissen, "enables us to target our audience more specifically" than other media. "We were able to target on not just the demographics of the audience, but the psychographics as well."
Since Mint Asure can’t yet be bought at retail, the current radio advertising is direct response, capitalizing on the medium’s immediacy. "We use a toll-free number for people to call and order the mints," Raissen explains. "Each station has a different toll-free number so we can track the results."
Radio’s production flexibility enables Mint Asure to keep its message fresh (no pun intended), "by constantly changing the script." This, he adds, is in contrast to television "where there are thousands of dollars worth of production.""