There’s No Business Like the Healthcare Business

In America, healthcare is big business. In fact, U.S. per capita healthcare spending is twice the average of other developed countries (Peter G. Peterson Foundation). And that pie is only getting bigger. PwC's Health Research Institute forecasts a 6.5% increase in medical costs in 2018.

We know that Radio is the ultimate reach medium. That makes it a great place to advertise healthcare items and services. For example, 13.9 million Adults 18+ in the New York metro have health insurance. Of those, 90% are reached by radio on a weekly basis.

One trend in the healthcare field is the aging of the population. According to Harvard Business Review, the median age of the population has gone from 29.5 in 1960 to 37.9 today to an estimated 40+ in the next 12 years. Older folks have different health care needs, including nursing care facilities and continuing care retirement communities. Check out the spending power of New York metro Adult 18+ radio listeners in these and other areas.

Another healthcare trend is technology. This affects hospitals and other healthcare providers by moving towards electronic health records. But technology can be in the hands of the consumer as well – for instance smartwatches and other activity trackers. A whopping 1.9 million Adults 18+ in the New York metro area either own a smartwatch or plan to buy one in the next year. And 91% of them listen to radio on a weekly basis!

Drug companies continue their advancements with prescription and non-prescription drugs. New York metro Adults 18+ buy medications for a variety of reasons. For example, 38% of radio listeners have purchased cold or flu medicine in the past year – 5.1 million people!

Best of all, radio listeners will respond to healthcare-related advertising messages. Of the New York metro’s Adult 18+ radio listeners, 31% have made an appointment to see a doctor based on a health ad in the past year. And radio is reaching 90% of these folks.

Don’t miss out on reaching the 13.4 million radio listeners in the New York metro. Advertise your healthcare message on radio today!