Radio Gets Our Vote for Political Advertising!

A host of state and local elections will be taking place this year in New York, and voters are more engaged than ever.  For example, more than four-fifths (81%) of New York metro Adults 18+ are registered to vote in their district of residence – a whopping 12.1 million voters!

These voters span a wide range of the political spectrum.  Here’s how New York metro’s Adults 18+ break out by political party.  Nearly half (49%) are Democrat or Independent, but feel closer to Democrat.  Nearly one-quarter (23%) are Republican or Independent, but feel closer to Republican.  Nearly one in ten (9%) are Independent. And one-fifth (20%) are registered with other political parties.

And for all those political campaigns that need to get their message out, Radio is a great place to reach voters!  Of those who always vote in local elections, 90% listen to Radio on a weekly basis. And of those who always vote in statewide elections, 91% listen to Radio on a weekly basis.  That’s a lot of voters who can be reached by Radio!

In fact, Radio reaches more registered voters than these other media. Over 10.7 million registered voters tune to Radio in an average week!

In addition, Radio allows for great targetability with its various formats. For example, Republicans are 172% more likely than the market average to listen to Adult Standards-formatted stations, 50% more likely to listen to Mainstream Rock, and 42% more likely to listen to Country.

When it comes to Democrats, they are 73% more likely to listen to Gospel-formatted stations, 57% more likely to listen to Spanish Sports, and 37% more likely to listen to Urban AC.

And that’s just scratching the top-ten surface. Obviously, there are many more formats that would help campaigns even further fine tune their candidate’s message to the voters who count.

But perhaps the biggest reason to turn to Radio during campaign time is this observation. When The New York Times was covering the last presidential election, the paper reported: “Television viewers can tune out, and online audiences can scroll by or click ‘Skip this ad.’ But Radio listeners, stuck in their cars for long stretches, may be the closest thing to a captive audience for political commercials.” - New York Times

Campaign strategists appeared to agree. In the same article, they were quoted as saying, “… Radio ads may be more effective at getting a candidate’s message through to its intended audience.”

The bottom line is this. Radio has multiple advantages when it comes to contacting voters. It has mass reach, it’s targeted, and it’s affordable. It’s got my vote!