The Perpetual Power of Radio

We’ve heard the rumors; Radio is dying, blah, blah, blah. The problem is, the numbers don’t support it. Radio is actually doing great. Our reach is phenomenal. And we’re still super competitive. Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look.

Around nine out of ten people listen to the Radio in an average week. In fact, Radio reaches 15.7 million Persons 6+ in the New York metro on a weekly basis.

Even more impressive is Radio’s daily reach. For example, nearly two-thirds (63%) of New York metro Adults 35-64 listen to Radio each day!

Radio also reaches folks throughout the week and on the weekends. Actually, Radio has a greater reach on the weekends than any weekday daypart, with two-thirds (66%) of New York metro Person 6+ tuning in Saturday-Sunday 6A-12Mid.

You might wonder how Radio stacks up against other online audio choices. Well, we crush the competition! With New York metro Adults 18+, Radio reaches nine out of ten (90%) compared to only 15% with Pandora on a weekly basis.

How about other media? Radio still comes out on top. Compared to our 90%, cable TV comes in at 83%, broadcast TV at 81%, and even internet on cell phones is only 79%.

Any which way you look at it, Radio dominates. If you’re missing Radio on your buy, you’re missing a great opportunity to reach a ton of valuable consumers!