New Year, New Revenue!

Come January 1, 2015, thousands of people will embark on a journey towards achieving a new goal. Two of the most common are…drum roll please…LOSE WEIGHT and QUIT SMOKING! Let’s take a look at how Radio can reach both of these consumer groups.

The weight loss industry is big business. According to, Americans spent $65 million trying to lose weight in 2012. And, almost all of these consumers are listening to Radio. For example, Radio reaches 93% of New York metro adults who belong to a health club or gym. That’s nearly 3 million consumers!

And, these consumers are more likely to be heavy Radio listeners as opposed to heavy television viewers. 43% fall into the two heaviest quintiles for Radio listening. On the other hand, 43% fall into the two lightest quintiles for television viewing.

Onto our next vice. In the New York metro, 14% of adults smoke cigarettes. And, 63% of those smokers tried to quit at least once in the past year – that’s over 1.2 million New York metro adults.

Radio is a great way to reach smokers who are potentially attempting to kick the habit. Radio ranks higher than cable TV, broadcast TV, and the internet with reaching these consumers each week.

In fact, health ads can be very effective in reaching consumers who are trying to lose weight or quit smoking. In the past year, 38% of New York metro adults have responded to a health ad by discussing the ad with a relative or friend, making an appointment to see a doctor, asking their doctor to prescribe a specific drug, or purchasing a non-prescription drug. Compared to the metro average, those following a weight loss program are 24% more likely to respond to health ads. And, smokers are 32% more likely to respond to health ads.

Other popular New Year’s resolutions are going back to school, finding a better job, and saving money. Radio does a great job reaching these consumers as well.

Celebrate the New Year by reaching out to consumers who are ready and motivated to improve their lives. Reach them with RADIO!

Source: Scarborough, New York MSA, Sep13-Aug14, Adults 18+, Mon-Sun 6A-12Mid