Different Treks for Different Folks


The travel and tourism industry is a booming business, with year-over-year growth forecasted through 2020 by the U.S. Travel Association. Radio beats out every other major medium for reaching travelers. For example, more than nine out of ten (92%) of New York metro Adults 18+ who are planning to take a trip in the next year are listening to Radio on a weekly basis.

The wide variety of Radio formats available in the New York metro make it easy for advertisers to target their ideal audience based on the specific type of travel and tourism services they offer. Let’s break out travelers by age, gender, and ethnicity.

There's a common misconception that Millennials aren't listening to the Radio, but that's just not true. In fact, nearly nine out of ten (88%) of New York metro Adults 18-34 tune to Radio on a weekly basis (Nielsen Audio, Feb15-Jan16, Mon-Sun 6A-12Mid). When it comes to adventure travel (hiking, diving, etc.), Millennials rule the roost. Of those planning an adventure vacation in the next year, over two-fifths (43%) fall into this age group. In fact, compared to the market average, Millennials are 42% more likely to be planning this type of vacation.

Advertisers offering adventure travel services should focus on younger-skewing stations. The top five formats based on Adult 18-34 cume reach are:

On the other end of the spectrum, Baby Boomers have become a huge market for travel and tourism. The AARP reports that the average Baby Boomer anticipates taking four to five trips in the next year. More than half (54%) of those who stayed at a bed and breakfast in the past year are 50 and over, exceeding the market average by 22%.

Advertisers offering more private and personalized lodging would do well to focus on these formats, the top five based on Adult 50+ cume reach:

Another force in travel spending that can’t be ignored is women. A whopping 80% of all travel decisions are made by women (The Gutsy Traveler, “Women Travel Statistics and Women Travel Trends”). Especially with more women traveling alone, they are more likely to be interested in traveling with a tour group. Compared to the market average, New York metro Women 18+ are 14% more likely to be planning an escorted tour or tour group trip in the next year.

Advertisers offering tours and group travel packages can effectively reach women on these formats:

When it comes to the workforce, even though it’s nearly balanced based on gender these days, men still dominate with business travel. Almost two-thirds (65%) of those who have taken at least one air round trip for primarily business purposes in the past year are male, exceeding the market average by 38%.

These formats are best for advertisers who are looking to reach men efficiently:

What about our country’s growing ethnic population? U.S. Hispanics represent an estimated $42 billion annually in travel expenditures, and that number is growing (Mandala Research). With so many U.S. Hispanics having relatives in other countries, Hispanics are more likely to take foreign trips. In the New York metro, Hispanic Adults 18+ are 12% more likely than the market average to be planning a trip outside the continental U.S. in the next year.

Spanish-language stations are an obvious place to reach Hispanics, but three of the top five stations reaching Hispanics are general market.

Travel among African Americans has rebounded since 2008, even though the recession widened the wealth gap between blacks and whites (MMGY Global). Compared to the market average, African American Adults 18+ in the New York metro are 11% more likely to be planning a cultural or educational vacation in the next year.

Advertisers who offer travel services that cater to an African American audience should focus on these formats, the top five based on cume reach:

Just as trips vary widely, so do the possibilities for reaching the traveling public. Whether it’s a Millennial going bungee jumping or a Baby Boomer heading to a Cancun resort, knowing which formats appeal to which travelers will help you reach your ideal target audience. Radio, with its reputation for reaching folks on the go, is the perfect medium for reaching, well, folks on the go!