Zyppah Radio Advertising Success

The power and efficiency of Radio continues to be a game-changer.  When it comes to taking it a step further, we align clients with dynamic personalities and the sports teams that our consumers love.  This alignment helps the client to grow an affinity with the consumer.  In addition, by utilizing one of our personalities we are able to truly tap into the passion of the sports fan. 

This past year, Stephen A. Smith took on a live read program for the Zyppah anti-snoring device.  Stephen not only read the spots, he lived them!  He needed the help of the snoring device and made the spots truly resonate with our audience.  The client saw double-digit growth in sales and have remained on the air since.

This is just one more story that demonstrates how Radio, combined with a personality that the audience identifies with and trusts can take an advertising program to the next level.