The Toyota Refresh Lounge

In September of ’17, WBLS and Toyota worked together on the launch of the redesigned Camry.

The WBLS Marketing team collaborated with Toyota’s activation agency to develop an idea within WBLS’ Circle of Sisters event. Circle of Sisters is the largest expo for black women in New York City. This one-day event attracts more than 200 vendors and nearly 50,000 attendees.

Toyota’s objective was two-fold: reinforce the emotional connection between the brand and the attendees and educate consumers on the release of the all new Camry.

The idea? The Toyota “Let’s Go Places Lounge. This 30x60 area contained plush red carpet, beautiful ivory leather sofas, massage stations, a step and repeat, phone chargers, Toyota branded cushions, tote bags and of course, the brand new 2018 Camry. Commercials were created to support the event, support woman of color and reinforce to the community that Toyota is dedicated to being a source of power for people to go places they’ve always dreamed.

Attendees were invited to relax in the lounge where they could view the all new Camry. The space allowed for a communal environment and allowed Toyota Brand Ambassadors to organically demonstrate the key benefits of the all new Camry. Inside the Camry was a camera that allowed listeners to snap a photo and share it socially. The marketing solution provided phenomenal time with brand and social impressions. The campaign delivered over 225,000 impressions and over 29,000 brand engagements. Nearly 1,400 people registered on site and delivered over 100 qualified leads. Guest feedback was very positive and data capture/hand raisers indexed at over 65%. The level of consumer engagement was considerably higher than other events and provided a strong platform for Toyota to build on for this year’s show.