Megaton® at Madison Square Garden

On Sunday, September 21st WSKQ-FM, Mega 97.9 hosted its annual fall concert, Megaton® at Madison Square Garden. This sold out show brought together some of the biggest names in Latin music from all over the world including Carlos Vives, Juanes, Don Omar, and Juan Luis Guerra as the main headliners. With over 14,000 in attendance, the radio station was able to leverage its expansive list of product offerings in the market place for our client partners.
SBS-NY, and its constant dedication to ensure our clients a multi-capability “RADIO” product offering, MEGATON® allowed for extensions across various forms of media, and customizable sales promotional programs designed specifically for optimum ROI. The Megaton® radio program gave our partners the ability to leverage sales at retail. This multi-media marketing program, from an evaluation standpoint, allowed for an extremely high level of ROI, and provided an instantaneous gauge and result for our client partners.
As part of Megaton®, customized programs were designed for participating companies. These programs extended across the soft drink, automotive, wireless, grocery, and food categories. Each plan was designed individually based on specific criteria provided by the participating companies. ROI, and sales goals inside the promotional period were set, and developed in conjunction with the radio station. Dependent on category, each were built differently, but all shared one common goal which lent itself to immediately impact sales volume at store level. Participating companies achieved these sales goals, were able to further leverage relationships in-store, and all ended with increased business as a result. Digital impressions served over 6 weeks 33,006,000.
Renewals for Megaton® 2015 are inherent.