The Importance of Developing Relationships

In March of 2014, I heard the My Pillow commercial on our competing stations in the market. I called My Pillows’ in-house marketing team and presented our stations, but was unsuccessful. With nothing to lose, we reached out and asked for the owner of the company, Mike Lindell. Lindell and his marketing staff took the call and agreed to come to the station when he was in town. During his visit, he initially seemed uninterested; however, we invited him to visit our morning show with Joe Piscopo. He gave us a half hour and the two connected. He spent the next hour watching the show. Piscopo asked him to wait around until after the show was over. They ended up spending another hour just getting to know each other and eventually meeting Kevin McCullough, a host on Salem’s sister station. The three discussed McCullough’s sleep issues and the theme of his show, which is a Christian issues talk program. Before the President of My Pillow left for his other appointments he turned to the Salem staff and said, “I’m glad I came up here. I love these stations and I want to work with you”.
Each time Lindell came to New York, he would visit the Salem stations and was introduced to different hosts on the station. He fitted everyone in our office for pillows and became an annual advertiser. The relationships he has formed with our on-air hosts have been incredible. In July of this year, Lindell was doing a promotion in Minnesota and he flew some of our sales execs and air talents, Kevin McCullough and Joe Piscopo, out to be part of his Guinness Book of World Record for a Pillow Fight. Lindell is also taking some friends with three of Salem’s hosts and going to a company sponsored trip to Israel in October. This will enhance the relationship even further. In addition, the Head of Programming for our company, Phil Boyce came up with an idea about My Pillow sponsoring one of our national programs, Dennis Prager’s Happiness Hour, every Friday afternoon and it’s been a huge success. They have booked time on the Prager show nationally for the rest of 2015. Radio and My Pillow make a great team.