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12/2/2017 Harness the Power of NEW YORK RADIO

"There are 16.9 million New Yorkers over the age of 6. Of these consumers, 15.7 million of them listen to New York Market Radio each week. That’s a 93% penetration rate. This rate is unachievable by most other media.
And, New York Market Radio holds its audience throughout the weekdays and into the weekends. During morning drive (Mon-Fri 6am-10am), 11.2 million (66%) New York consumers listen to the Radio. Although New Yorkers get busier during the day, more than 12.2 million (73%) New York consumers are still listening in middays (Mon-Fri 10am-3pm). In the afternoon (Mon-Fri 3pm-7pm), Radio listening increases to over 12.6 million consumers
New Yorkers return to Radio in the evening and on weekends. Since evenings and weekends are the prime time for purchases, these are critical dayparts for any advertiser. In the evenings, 9.3 million New York consumers tune to their Radios. On the weekends, 12.8 million consumers are tuning in. Weekends is the highest daypart for reaching New York consumers.
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Now that you have seen the headlines, let’s dig a little deeper into the story behind this massive audience.

Radio’s reach in New York covers all demo groups. Whether your advertising target is younger or older consumers, New York Radio reaches an audience that matches the population. In the key 25-54 buying demos, New York Radio exceeds the population!
This reach holds true both for the total audience to Radio and the time these consumers spend listening to New York Radio stations. In the hardest to reach younger groups (Persons 6-11, teens and Adults 18-24) New York Radio reaches 88% to 95% of these key consumer groups. And, even with the competition with other mediums, Adults 18-24 listen to the Radio an average of 11 hours and 15 minutes a week. This is a captive audience!
In the older demo groups, New York Radio’s reach is tremendous, with penetration at 92% or higher in all groups. Time spent listening for these groups averages more than 13 hours a week!

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As advertisers focus on their key targets, we will focus on Radio’s heavy listeners. There are almost 3 million New York consumers who listen to the Radio for at least 22 hours a week. What does an advertiser need to know about New York Radio’s heavy hitters? According to Scarborough:

51% of these listeners are male. 49% are female. 65% of these consumers are between the ages of 25-54.
53% have pursued at least some college education. 29% have achieved a college degree or higher certification.
48% are employed in management, business, professional or sales occupations.
32% have a household income of $100,000 or more.
51% are married.
46% have children under the age of 18 in their household.

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Now that you know the basics on New York’s heavy Radio listeners, what do they plan to buy? Where do they like to vacation and shop? What do they invest in? Are they heavy cellular/wireless phone or Internet users? How much are they spending on groceries?

Over 722,000 of New York’s heavy Radio listeners own a home valued at over $500,000.
Over 843,000 of these listeners' households have stock or stock options.
Over 654,000 of these listeners' households plan to purchase or lease a new or used automobile in the next year.
Over 644,000 of these listeners plan to take a foreign trip in the next year.
Over 1.3 million of these listeners have spent over $75 on their last cellular phone bill in the past month.
Over 1/2 million of these listeners have spent $1,000 or more on Internet purchases in the past year.
Nearly 1.0 million of these listeners' households have spent $150 or more on groceries in the past week. Click here for more information

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12/2/2017 Why Radio During a Recession

"The current economic downturn has altered people’s lifestyles and spending habits. Things people did without giving it a second thought are now not being done at all. These changes have affected the relative influence of different advertising mediums. While Radio is a valuable advertising medium in good economic times, its value explodes during difficult economic times.
Radio Is Free and Popular
Radio is and always has been free to the end users. There is no subscription or user fee. The recession has greatly impacted newspaper circulation. As money gets tight people question the price they pay for their monthly cable subscription. However, Radio is free entertainment.
Just about everyone tunes to the Radio. In an average week 94.5% of New York metro Adults 18+ tuned to the Radio. On an average day 71.1% listened to the NY Market Radio.

In other words, Radio reaches nearly three-quarters of all New York Adults on an average day. Not only are they tuning in, but they are also listening. The average Adult spends thirteen hours a week with Radio. Radio’s reach and great TSL have both been consistent over the past year.
It doesn’t matter the level of a person’s affluence, free entertainment is ideal in an economy where money is tight.
Radio Is Right as Both a News and Entertainment Source
As the economy has turned, many in the population have become glued to news and business. New York Market Radio offers these folks several different choices to keep listeners up-to-date on world events. There are several stations that offer news and business 24 hours a day. There are also several stations where listeners can hear opinion-makers talk about news events.
Others wish to ignore these events and are need of entertainment. New York Market Radio has dozens of free entertainment choices. From a variety of music stations to sports and talk, New Yorkers can escape their concerns and feel good again.
Radio’s Targetability Makes it an Efficient Advertising Medium
In tough economic times, Radio’s ability to target specific audiences is more important than ever. Due to the great variety of stations, Radio is a great target marketing choice.
• If you want to reach a specific age segment – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific gender – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific ethnic group – there are specific Radio stations for you
• If you want to reach a specific geographic region – there are specific Radio stations for you
Simply put – NY Market Radio enables you to reach the portions of the population you want without paying for the segments that are not needed.

12/2/2017 Radio and the Perfect Match

A wrong advertising decision this holiday season could make or break your business.  There is just no room for error.   You’ve made the smart choice to use Radio.  What can you do to boost your confidence that each dollar you spend in our medium will be spent effectively?
It all starts with finding the right match.  That’s the match between your potential customers and the people that listen to the Radio stations you are considering as advertising partners.  Get it right and your odds of success just went up dramatically.  Miss the match and even the best message in the world may not bring enough customers through your door.  Plenty of listeners will hear your message.  Just not enough who have the greatest potential of being your customers.
While every Radio station isn’t right for every advertiser, every station is right for some advertiser.  Are the stations you are considering right for you?  How do you know?  Sure, the size of a station’s audience is important, but who are those listeners?  Do they look like your customers?  Will your commercial message reach the consumers who are most likely to need what you do or you sell?  Are you reinforcing your brand to your existing customers, or are you reaching out to new customers?
Most stations can do a very effective job of painting a picture of their audience.  Just ask them!  They can actually show you pictures of their listeners from station events.  They can use the latest Arbitron data to tell you how many people listen, as well as audience characteristics such as:
o   Age
o   Gender
o   Race
o   Socio-Economic Status (income, education, employment)
o   Geography
In today’s PPM world, it is more common to find several stations with identical ratings!  But while their audience size may be the same, it is critical to look at the composition of the different audiences.
Let’s use a simple example of two stations with the same AQH Rating.  As you can see below, one delivers the advertiser’s audience much closer than the other.


New York Population

Advertiser’s Target Audience

Station A’s Audience

Station B’s Audience

Male 12+ %





Female 12+ %






25-34% of 6+ Pop





35-44% of 6+ Pop





45-54% of 6+ Pop






Black % of 6+ Pop





Hispanic % of 6+ Pop





Other % of 6+ Pop






5 Boroughs 6+ Pop %





New Jersey 6+ Pop %






12/2/2017 Radio - IT'S EVERYWHERE

One of best reasons that Radio consistently delivers for its advertisers is its ability to reach consumers wherever they are.  Radio’s portability allows New Yorkers to listen at home and away, and often at the moment that they are making important purchasing decisions.
Radio’s advertisers benefit regardless of where their message is heard.
·         At Home Listening:  An advertising message reaches a captive audience when its listeners hear that message at home.   The Radio is turned on and stays on and is heard for long periods of time.   A great way to get results is to deliver your message first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.
·         At Work Listening: What better location to reach a consumer than in the workplace as they plan their lunchtime errands and their after-work shopping and dining?  The Radio is often on all day long at the office.  Talk about a way to build frequency!
·         In Car Listening: Reaching consumers just before the point of purchase as they listen in their cars remains one of Radio’s greatest strengths.  Radio can deliver the last advertising message heard before they enter the store. Selling cars? Selling tires?  What better time to reach your prospective customers than while they are actually driving?   Isn’t a car just a Radio with four wheels?
In New York, almost 58% of the Radio listening is done away from home.  But look how that number varies by age, ethnicity and gender.
Chart A—New York Listening Location AQH Composition By Demographic

Arbitron, New York Metro, January 2009
through December 2009 (12-month average)
·         The majority of teen Radio listening is done at home (55.2%).  That’s in sharp contrast to adult listening.  Among Adults 18-34, 25-54 and 35-64, at-home listening accounts for only about a third of their Radio usage.   As the audience ages, the at-home audience increases, with nearly half of Persons 50+ listening occurring at home.
·         Among ethnic groups, the Hispanic population spends most of its time listening to Radio away from home, with almost 62% of its listening occurring somewhere outside of where they live. Listening by African-Americans and Others is more balanced between listening locations.
·         There even is a significant difference between male and female listening by location.  Far more female listening occurs at home (45.8% ) compared to male at-home listening (only 38.5%).
Listening location in New York also varies based on the time of day.
Chart  B—New York Listening Location AQH Composition By Daypart

Arbitron, New York Metro, January 2009
through December 2009 (12-month average)

·         At-home listening peaks in the mornings, as consumers begin their day by turning on their Radios. 
·         In middays and afternoon drive, listening shifts to out of home (in the office and in the car).
·         As consumers return home in the evening, at-home listening increases.
·         Listening location on the weekends is split almost evenly between home and away.
You may have noticed that in a PPM world, Arbitron no longer tells us specifically where a radio station’s away-from-home listening is occurring.  We’re only given a total away-from-home estimate.  Just because you can no longer quantify that listening is in car and in office certainly does not mean that it no longer exists. 
Ask your Radio representative to give you a listening location breakout for their station.  Consider tailoring your message to appeal specifically to the in-car listener in the afternoon, or the at-home listener in the morning.  The more you know about where your prospective customers are when they hear your commercial, the more effective your campaign will be.