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New York Market Radio is a marketing association supported by the New York area Radio stations. Our mission is to raise the profile of Radio in the New York Market by providing information and research to companies that may be considering advertising on Radio, to advertising agencies that may be recommending Radio to new or existing clients, and to our member Radio stations in their pursuit of new business.

Marketing Innovations
When you hear that one of your biggest accounts is not only merging with a larger company from another part of the country, but also moving their campaign to another agency, let’s be honest, your sales bones shudder and the pity party begins. However, in the Case of Sleepy’s, a long time tri-state radio advertiser, their merger with Mattress Firm last year has been a comforting development to...

12/3/2017 On an Average Day, Over Half of All New Yorkers Tune to the Radio

Entertainment fragmentation impacts all outlets, but New York radio remains powerful. On an average day, over half of all New York residents over the age of six are tuning into the radio. That is nearly 10 million consumers every day. Radio also reaches over half of those hard-to-reach Millennials every day.

What is even more impressive is New York radio’s ability to transcend age, gender, or ethnic group

Radio's Daily Reach (January-April 2017)

Data © Nielsen Audio, New York Metro
Persons 6+ 55.7% 9,870,700
Adults 18+ 57.7% 8,624,600
Adults 18-34 50.7% 2,284,600
Adults 18-49 54.4% 4,547,300
Adults 25-54 57.6% 4,598,000
Adults 35-64 62.2% 4,753,800
Men 18+ 60.4% 4,297,500
Women 18+ 55.2% 4,327,100
Black Adults 18+ 57.0% 1,431,600
Hispanic Adults 18+ 61.0% 2,171,400
Other Adults 18+ 56.5% 5,021,600


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